Friday, January 8, 2010

This Room!

Beatrice is getting so big! And what a roller coaster- she is full speed ahead. I want to enjoy each moment, each dimple. But she's always looking for the next exciting thing and doesn't have time for all this cuddling and smushing together of faces...

Here's her nursery, one of my favorite places in the world... And good thing! I sure spend a lot of time in this pink little room.

Just so you know... the panda was Gramma's, the crib was Raleigh's and Emma's, the quilt on the chair Gramere made for Hudson, the changing table a gift from Jake and Lucy, the hen quilt Gramere made for me ("then i will" said the little red hen and she did), the awesome lamp was Mama's when she was a child, the cross-stitch in pink and blue above the crib is a verse that Mama did for me when I was little and afraid of the dark, and (not pictured because the camera battery died) there is another cross-stitch that Alyx and Matthias had in their room as kids that Mama did that says "Jesus Loves Me" that Aunt Sandy sent all the way from Colorado for my baby! Oh, and the quilt in the crib is Beatrice's Special Blanket made by Mama. And the paper cranes are for world peace.

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