Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family Fun in July

We've been out and about this month, despite the heat and car troubles! Here are some pictures of the fun we've had!

This one is from when we went to the gallery tour our town does every first Friday of the month in the Art District. This really is the best picture of all the ones we took! Beatrice is sneezing.

We've been going to the park a lot. Pretty much all the time...

Oh, and the other night Jake and Lucy and our friend Noel came over for dinner. We had a nice time catching up and afterwords went to the park just before a huge thunderstorm hit. (I love that part right before the storm, all dark and cool.) Anyway, the really nice part was that Lucy made the dinner. It was a DE-LISH chickpea curry. I'll have to get the recipe to share with you. So good. And vegan. And cupcakes, vegan ones. Mmmmm.

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