Tuesday, January 11, 2011

James Gets Famous!

My husband James (who sometimes contributes here on my blog) is a musician. He has music here and here and even here and it's free. Well today, his stuff got reviewed on a pretty cool site. Here's what they had to say:

The three member band from Greenville named No Yes originally released the LP Goodbye, Strange Planet in 2008, but re-released back in October with alternate versions of some tracks. In addition to the title, the LP features songs entitled “All You Earthlings Look the Same,” “Androgynous World,” and “We are Aliens,” giving a true Science Fiction outside appearance. The music further supports that feeling.

James Noyes is responsible for the main vocals, but also plays a wide variety of other instruments on the LP. First on the second track (“Beam Me Up”), and later throughout the album, Lily Darger*, does backup vocals and the pair is comparable to Mates of State. Jake Xingu occasionally sings, but primarily plays the keyboard and drums. Additionally, other friends of the band harmonize on the LP.

James’ vocals are upbeat, cheerful, and very easy on the ears. The lyrics go along with the title of the LP and its tracks, concentrating on life in space/another planet and keeping the Science Fiction theme going. The background handclaps that are featured in many songs add to the cheery vibe.

All around, the music is playful and helps to create the imagery provided by the song titles and lyrics. It could be loosely described as Pop Punk. As the LP moves into the latter songs, the fast drums and guitar give off a more powerful sound, equivalent to old school punk rock. In some parts, it just sounds like a collection of noise, but quickly snaps back into the less cluttered music from the beginning.

A few personal favorites on the LP include “Hurtling Through Outer Space” and “Swimming the Cosmic Sea.” “Hurtling Through Outer Space” starts off with strong vocals that echo and remain catchy throughout the song. When you listen to it, you feel like you really are hurtling through outer space in some sort of space craft, making the song adventurous. “Swimming the Cosmic Sea” is a softer song, with multiple vocalists in the chorus, chanting “Come with us.” No Yes does not show this softer side often, but when they do, it gives a good break from the more fast paced music and blends pleasantly. 

I'm awfully proud of his work. I know that if you give it a listen, you will LOVE what you hear! Make sure you let him know by leaving him some kind words on his blog!!!

*I am Lily Darger, but I had to change it in the text because everyone assumes that I have the same last name as my husband.

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