Saturday, April 30, 2011

Life's a Party

Our house has lately been home to many a college student. Wine and late night philosophical conversations, silly photo sessions and arm wrestling, math problems that are never solved and comma-spliced English papers, little sleep and much laughter. I love my life. (and i love that my babies sleep through anything!!)

Here are some of those present last night and then a group shot modeled after the one in Daniel Handler's The Basic Eight.

Jake, Lucy's husband

James, my husband

Justus, my brother

Cooper, my brother

Hudson, my necklace

Lily, my self

Lucy took some really great instax pix so maybe tonight I'll talk her into guest blogging some of them. :)

Despite our continual night life, Beatrice has made great strides in the realm of potty training this week. She is fully trained during the day at home. We will work on outings this week. I don't expect night time to be much of an issue because she's usually dry, but ready to go.

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