Monday, May 23, 2011

Fancy Treehouse

I just found this blog, Fancy Treehouse. She has an adorable furry companion and she wears adorable clothes and her hair is it. How perfect, right? Ahh, I love to find eye candy. Especially after a day as full of spit-up, dirty laundry and fussiness as this. (Who knew there was a wrong side of the crib?) I digress. Let us continue with the original subject, Fancy Treehouse. Here:

Just so you know, I wore sweatpants this morning and -when the heat of mid-day made a change absolutely necessary- I changed into boxers. A t-shirt on top. Shoes, none. Beatrice wore a striped tank-top with polka dotted undies and Am wore a faded green onesie.

If you are wondering why things are falling apart around here, I can explain.... I am reading the Harry Potter series. Well, I read the first four years ago, but now I am finally finishing. The 7th book is where I am and it is all I can do to feed my family once every 5 or 6 hours.

Is this how it was for you?? Be honest.


  1. I always die a little over girls with beautiful long legs! I especially love her first outfit.

  2. Me too. There's a blog called Everything Style and her legs are loooooong and perfect.

  3. gosh, she's quite awesome looking

  4. She has a great sense of style, definitely.
    I love Harry Potter! How are you likin' it?