Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello Monday

So there was a good deal of screaming last night for no apparent reason. This is part of having kids. One screams, inexplicably. You get them to finally hush, but by then the other is screaming. Bottles. Hugs. Lullabies.

Beatrice always wants to sit with us on the couch when she wakes up in the night. What makes it particularly hard is that she calls it "home." She'll say, "Bea-Bea go home. Mama, take Bea-Bea home." Why do they have to be so sweet when it is sleepy-time??

Now it is the next day and they have all the energy in the world. Beatrice is shouting, "AMbrose! BEAbrose!" She saw the picture above and said, "Amby make face. On Trixie bed." She likes to call herself Trixie sometimes...

Once naptime rolls around, there will be no washing of dishes or folding of laundry. There will be a nice long shower and a fresh nail color. I'm thinking Barbie Pink...

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