Thursday, June 16, 2011

While Daddy Was At Work

We had breakfast.

We said our ABC.

We read stories, then Beatrice watched Baby Bach...

...while Ambrose looked for toys under Bea's bed before taking a little nap.

When he woke up... was almost lunch time!

Then Moma came over to bring the new toy organizer and stayed to play a bit:

Uh-oh, nap time. But Beatrice didn't mind!

Amby took a little longer to settle and made a mess of some books on his way.

Ahh, one of Mama's favorite parts of the day! Both babies sleeping and a quiet house.

It was a nice long naptime and this girl woke up happy.

All that's left is waiting for our favorite person to come home!

Notice Bea had to have an outfit change after lunch? :)

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