Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The 13th

And the full moon was last night. So maybe that explains the weirdness of today. There were a lot of fails with school today. (I know I saved that document on Flash Gordon, why wasn't it there?) Anyway, it ended up just the way a day should: wine, chocolate, Arrested Development on netflix.

I want to let you know some things that have happened lately that I am pretty dern excited about. In no particular order.

-Amby has taken his first adorable steps!! He seems to be a bit confused though: He will take a step with the left foot, stop, take another step with the left foot, and collapse into a pile of giggles.

-We got a new dryer. Seems like a normal, first-world kinda thing? Yeah, we were out for awhile there and it did not smell good.

-My in-laws gave me a vehicle thus releasing me from my tether to out house. Now that I am mobile, my world has expanded exponentially. (I am in math class, can you tell?)

-Now that Bea is two and a half (just about), I think it is safe to say she is taking after her mama. She is a bookworm and a tomboy. Her favorite things are Book Time and Outside Time.

-Beatrice and Am both sleep in the nursery now. No more tiptoeing around at night with a kid in the living room!

-I am very excited to be reconnecting with our friend Josh!

-ARLO! Lucy is having a boy and his name is Arlo!

Super awesome vintage mod dress from the 60s and authentic shoes to match. Dance party, anyone?

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