Friday, March 16, 2012

A Completely Different Direction

I've done so many hair posts here on my blog. From pink hair, to all kinds of other pastels, long hair, short hair. Now I have a new idea: Punk and dark with light blue streaks. Like a combination of these looks:
via: one, two
I really like super short, choppy bangs. But my hesitation is Color+Summer. I want to be outside and in the pool All The Time. And not worry about upkeep of a 'do. KWIM? So many ladies in the blogisphere have colorful, fun hair. But do they go to water parks?


  1. I say go for it! Just got to keep the hair up.. but with light blue.. I can see it during silver ish? That could be nice too.

  2. That would be super cute! I love colorful hair, but I change my mind so much that I just can't do it. Besides, Starbucks says no to unnatural hair colors.

  3. There is easy stuff you can do to stretch the life of your color and keep it from fading in the sun in a bad way. I use to do my hair like that when we lived in Florida and I spent all year in the sun collecting skin damage. Darker colors get nice natural looking highlights (i always went s shade darker than i wanted) and you can stretch the life of a semi permanent dye by putting it on darker than you want it and leaving it on longer. In my hair it won't wash out past a certain point if I do that. Remember my nice pastel pink? I put it on bright pink and left on for a few hours and it still took weeks to reach its pastel stage. The chlorine and the sun never really effected my bright colors in the past very much, because I would stain my hair in this way. I am doing mine green and blonde next.

  4. here's the thing about color ... it fades quickly- which can be good and bad i suppose, depending on whether you like it. Cutting bangs is WAY more of a commitment than some colorful streaks.
    GIRL, you should do it and go to waterparks (I really want to say 'TOTES' here, but i've always been a hater when it comes to not saying all of totaLLY, but THAT's how supportive I am of this hair-do change!) :)
    love the color. love the bangs. can't wait to see a picture.

  5. Ooooh, I love these cuts and colours! I am sporting a bright orange/red at the moment. I go to the beach most days too, so my hair is in pretty poor condition as I am recolouring every few weeks. I just make sure I use a good argan oil treatment every 3rd/4th day.
    toni xo
    P.S I have just done an outfit post in that lovely nautical dress I bought from tiny yellow bird :)