Thursday, March 8, 2012

Girls' Nite Out

Beatrice and I had been planning this for so long! We went on a date as she called it. You would not believe how many times she invited Daddy and Ambrose to come along. But in the end it was just the two of us. We dressed up a little and curled our hair. I wore my new sweater.
We went downtown. The restaurant we selected had a bunch of vegetarian options and was fancy. But still really inexpensive. Seriously. Cheap. We got spring rolls, lo mein, tofu fritters and ginger slaw and drinks and had leftovers and it was $11. Huh? (James, lets do another date there! We haven't been since the day you proposed!) 

Bea is a very adventurous eater. She basically loves food. Can you tell?
We had planned on hitting up the toy store after dinner (Bea wanted a blue fire truck), but alas they were closed already. So we had ice cream instead.
On the way home, Bea told me she loves me. And I told her a list of some things I love about her. Like how she introduces herself to everyone in the sweetest voice I've ever heard, how her skin smells and how well she knows her letter sounds. 

I am overwhelmed by this blessing, this daughter, this beautiful responsibility that I've been given.


  1. Sweet ! Her hair is gorgeous !!!

  2. Good girl! I can't stand picky eaters, even though (or perhaps because?) I used to be one of them as a child!

    That sounds like a really good date. A date should always end with someone telling you what they love about you :)

  3. So sweet, Lily-made me a little misty. You need to make this a habit-both you and James, switching off both kids. You sure looked forward to dates with Daddy when you were little! Her hair is gorgeous too!

    1. I so fondly remember those dates with Daddy. The sweetest times. I want Beatrice to have that too!

  4. You both look so adorable and that sounds like such a fun night out! Seriously- all that food for $11?? Awesome! Love your outfit :)