Saturday, March 17, 2012


This post is specifically for people who are not friends with me on facebook. I just want to give you a peek into my life via status updates. I guess a lot of folks use twitter the way I use facebook.

The Statuses:

-Beatrice disobeyed and got on the table. When we talked about it, I asked her to say her verse about obeying. She said, "Children, obey my parents in the Lord for this is right. Honor my father and my mother and my papa and my moma and my Emma and my Wendy that it will go well with me and I may not get on the table."

-The kids and I went downtown today for a long walk. We got cake pops from The Chocolate Moose. Came home and had a nice siesta. Played outside in water buckets and then in the rain. It got to be too cold and windy so we came in and Bea worked on teaching Am his colors and shapes. Vegetarian tacos for dinner. I LOVE being a mama!

-I asked Bea what she wants for her birthday (it's less than a month away!) and she answered, "A piñata, a cake, bumper cars." And she said we could invite Arlo and Phinn. Sounds like a good party to me!

-It totally blows my mind how anyone can NOT love this lasagna. What is wrong with my children? In other news, we have lots of lasagna available for carry out.

-While all my friends had crushes on Jonathan Taylor Thomas, I was into Davy Jones. ♥♥♥

-In the future we will be able to ban people from our browsers. The Olsen twins. Keanu. Thom Yorke.

-Was there ever a time in my life when fussiness was not a big part of every day? Will there ever be? People, if you have kids 2 or older, please tell me this too shall pass. If you do not have kids but plan to someday, you have been warned.

-All of you who say you are too bad@$$ to safely eject your USB? The joke's on you. The Joke Is On You.

-All those people who complain that they were born in the wrong era? WTF- we have photoshop and Nicholas Cage.

-I don't know what's better: the spaghetti and cupcakes waiting for me in my clean kitchen or the fact that Ambrose plays fetch BY HIMSELF! (he even says, "fets!")

Ok, that's all for now folks. I haven't seen anybody else do a post like this, but if you do it please send me a link and I will read/comment for you!


  1. I love kiddo versions of bible verses. The other day I had mine repeat this verse after me "with God all things are possible." she said "with God all things are popsicle." close enough.

  2. Ha ha, the one about the USB port cracked me up! I'm not a great one for status updates, but if I were going to write one today it would be something like: "Last day in the office by myself so I'm celebrating by listening to the Kill Bill soundtrack and ignoring my work emails." I have no shame!