Monday, February 25, 2013

Out Takes

Yesterday, Miss Beatrice played model for me. We got through about 10 garments in under half an hour, a feat made possible by James pressing play and Am drinking an unlimited amount of raw milk.

All these little looks will be up in the shop soon, along with lots more. These are just some out-takes. The ones we really use won't be so blurry.

It's neat to be able to look back at earlier modeling pictures of this girl and see how she's turning into such a kid. As opposed to a baby. Those cheeks are slimming already!


  1. I think the toddler pantsuit might be my favorite! She looks like she's ready to break some glass ceilings!

  2. This kid is so stinkin' cute, and looks just like you! Especially in the fifth photo (blue shift dress, right image). Not because you make that expression or anything--I just see the resemblance :-)

    1. I'm really starting to see it now too! People have always said she looks like me, but I see James in her...

  3. I love to see her little personality develop! She will probably hate this when she's older but she is so much like her Mama!